Our School


Opening Date: 1967
First Principal: Mrs. Edna "Ellie" Bates
Interesting Facts:

Holland Elementary opened for the 1967-1968 school year, with an average enrollment of 797 children in grades one through seven. In 1973, Holland operated on a 45/15 schedule which was designed to help ease over crowding due to the new development of Green Run. Teachers taught for 45 school days, then had 3 weeks off and rotated all year.   During that time, there was only one first grade class that had 35 students. In the following year, there were two first grade classes, which reduced the classroom size to about 18 children. The Accelerated Schools program was piloted at Holland Elementary. It was designed to enhance student performance and was discontinued after only a few years.


Philosophy and Mission Statement

The mission of the Holland family is to produce responsible life-long learners by providing a quality education through best teaching practices in a secure, respectful, and inviting learning environment. 
At Holland Elementary we believe: 
Excellence is achieved when students, parents, and teachers set clear goals and hold high expectations for reaching these goals. 
Students learn to make appropriate decisions when given a supportive and challenging learning environment. 
Students learn best when they are exposed to as many experiences as possible and are actively engaged in the learning process. 
Student achievement is enhanced by on-going staff development. 
Exhibiting school spirit and school pride enhances our students' learning environment.

HES Family Engagement Policy

HES Family School Compact